San Francisco Market Conditions


San Francisco November 2023 Market Report
San francisco market
12/13/23Jason Gorski

The heart of the autumn selling season was dominated by global conflict, falling stock markets - and interest rates jumping to their highest point un 23 years.

San Francisco January 2024 Market Report
San francisco market
01/17/24Jason Gorski

In the last 2 months of 2023, the average, weekly, 30-year mortgage interest rate dropped from 7.79% to 6.61%. With the fall in inflation this past year, the Fed is widely expected to begin dropping its benchmark rate, probably in multiple steps, in 2024.

San Francisco October 2023 Market Report
San francisco market
11/9/23Jason Gorski

Interest rates continued to rise through early October and stock markets generally continued to fall from mid- summer, YTD highs.

San Francisco September 2023 Market Report
San francisco market
09/29/23Jason Gorski

After the usual summer slowdown from spring, the autumn selling season began after Labor Day and runs until early-mid November, when the market typically begins its big, mid-winter holiday slowdown.

San Francisco August 2023 Market Report
San francisco market
07/31/23Jason Gorski

Generally speaking, the market slowed in July, a common seasonal trend, and August is usually one of the quietest months of the year.

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